Early Career

Special Interest Group

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The Early Career Special Interest Group will host seasonal events to facilitate connection and collaboration with group members throughout the year. 

Annual Meeting 

Join us for a roundtable discussion with veteran and early career educators as part of the annual AETA conference.


The Community for Early Career English Educators


The Community for Early Career English Educators was created to empower and support new teachers through their first year transitions, trials, and triumphs.

Designed with the new teacher in mind, our weekly meetings will serve as a space to discuss and apply scholarship in English education, navigate experiences in and out of the classroom, and cultivate sustainable teaching practices.

Meetings will cover topics important to our field through workshops, discussion, and guest speakers (including the Central Arizona Writing Project!). In this small and intimate PLC, we aim to foster authentic relationships among colleagues as well as support personal and professional growth. Each participant will receive pedagogical texts (180 Days and The Joyful Teacher) as well as numerous teaching resources.


Meeting Details:

In-person (for now)

12 week session (July-October)

Exact meeting time will be determined by participants 

Space is limited

The Early Career Special Interest Group and associated events are directed/led by Michelle Glerum. If you have any questions, please email her at michelle.glerum@asu.edu

Student Teaching Community


The Student Teaching Community was designed to offer support and camaraderie for future teachers. Monthly meetings will focus on questions and discussion regarding ELA curriculum, teaching, and the student teaching experience.  

Meeting Details:

First Thursday of every month (August-October)

4-5 PM

Online (for now)

Writing on the Board