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AETA serves as a professional network of English language arts educators across Arizona. It is the state affiliate of the national network, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

The primary function of AETA is to foster policies, standards, and goals of NCTE among Arizona's educators of communication skills, language arts, and English from kindergarten through college/university levels.

To this aim, it is AETA's goal to serve these teachers by narrowing the national focus to the needs, interest, and goals of Arizona teachers and students.


All AETA business, functions, and special events exist to enhance the quality of English language arts teaching in Arizona by:

- Disseminating information pertinent to local issues, concerns, and successes.

- Encouraging professional activity among teachers in all regions of the state

- Generating interest in students' and teachers' special achievements.

- Organizing statewide and regional "outreach" activities and professional development opportunities.

2022 NCTE Affiliate awards

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Are you interested in getting (more) involved in AETA? We are looking for people to take on important roles in several established areas (including journal, website, newsletter, and board positions). Click the button below to get started. 
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